Earn to Give

Those who have a heart to share to the less fortunate understand the value of resources, wealth, and providing tools for those in need. For Chris Capre, there is a need to earn but there is greater need to give. Through 2ndSkiesForex, Chris shares 5% of all his revenue to non-profit organizations globally.

Profit for a Cause, to Reach Out, To Help Others

The purpose of our life is not just for our own benefit, but to be a part of a global community and helping to raise the energy, awareness and lifestyle of all around us. Some of us who are fortunate to be earning more than the others should understand that our skills, talent and sources of income could be an instrument to solve other people’s problems including those financial in nature. Those who are privileged to live in more advanced countries often never appreciate the conveniences they experience daily until they witness the lives of those in third world countries. While people in modern countries strive hard to come up with technological advancements when it comes to healthcare and medicine, there are those just looking for ways to have water, shelter and clothing.In most cases, the issues most people face can be resolved with education, resources, and financial assistance from others. Generosity is one of the greatest wisdoms and natural expressions of our humanity.  In the words of Albert Einstein, “The value of a human resides in what he/she gives and not in what he/she is capable of receiving.”

To this day, 2ndSkiesForex and Chris Capre have continued to reach out to third world countries and respond to their needs by partnering with other non-profit organizations. Such as:

Save the Children
The C.E.D Institute
The Cove
The Life Saver Bottle
Small Can Be Big
Direct Relief International
and more…

These are just some of the organizations that benefit from the earnings of 2ndSkiesForex. The financial donations they provide open doors of opportunities for those in need.  Chris Capre believes the money earned by training forex traders to build their own abundance, can be used as an instrument to help people worldwide.