Trading Courses

Forex Trading CoursesChris Capre offers a number of online trading courses through 2ndSkies. These include:

1. The Trading MasterClass
2. The Advanced Traders Mindset course
3. The Advanced Ichimoku course

The goal of these courses is simple – to help traders to trade profitably and successfully giving forex trading strategies, proper money management methods while building a successful traders’ mindset.  Each course includes lifetime membership, access to the traders forum, full email support, free updates and a private follow up session with Chris.

Learning Advanced Price Action

Everyone is curious about price action trading. This is the base of all price movements in the market and the result of all order flow.  In learning how to trade price action, one is learning to trade the most simple and pure form of all price fluctuations in the market and how to read institutional order flow – the basis of every move in the market.

By enrolling in the Advanced Price Action Course, you will learn rule based strategies based on quantitative data over the last 10 years never published before. This course is completely different from any other course you can find online. If you want to learn how to read price action, for any environment on any time frame, then visit The Trading Masterclass page to learn more.

Exploring The Ichimoku Cloud

The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, is getting more and popular these days, and rightfully so. Most forex traders get additional knowledge and understanding about its interpretation through various online resources, but many do not understand Ichimoku from its original texts.

There are only a few books available in English in the western hemisphere about it but none even come close to explaining what Ichimoku trading is about.

One of the foremost experts on ichimoku cloud trading, Chris Capre has been studying and trading the Ichimoku Cloud since 2004, and has translated its main texts to increase his understanding of Ichimoku.

For those wanting to learn how to trade the Ichimoku Cloud with a unique understanding, make sure to visit the Ichimoku Course, page to learn more.

The Advanced Traders Mindset Course

In the Advanced Traders Mindset Course, Chris uses his two decades of experience and training for one goal – to help you build a winning mindset & make money trading.

The goal with the course is simple – to change the way you think, trade and perform.

Without a doubt, the mind you come into this course with will not be the mind you leave with.

If you want to re-wire your brain for success in trading, join this course and change your life.